About Us
We are a team that is constantly focused on growing and being better


NETCOM  Company has started working in the field of computer networks and IT domain in an active and passive form since 1388.

After years of experience and offering high quality services, we succeeded in working with two important governmental organizations such as Ministry of Culture and Islamic Guidance and The Islamic Republic of Iran Police Force for installation, set-up and teaching computer networks and making Quran and language laboratory.

In 2013, with automation in its infancy and the country’s need to it we have launched the automation house based on wireless protocols and cables such as Zigbee , Z-wave and SIP and also we managed to accomplish many different projects using the products of reputable companies like Zipato, Akuvox, Castle Pro and MCOHome.

Designing website services section, SEO and content making have been added to the company since 2018 and we also co-worked with many friends with high level of knowledge and fluency in web programming languages like ASP, PHP, Java Script, CSS, and HTML.net.

Content creation is one of the most effective factors of attracting eyeballs and it is also important for creating a profound SEO. We have made a great effort on proposing the professional content and creating standard SEO in different languages like Turkish, Arabic, German and French.

Our purpose is offering acceptable and good services, full time technical support and satisfying our dear clients. So we are doing all our best in this way.

Miss Fatemeh Abedi
Miss Fatemeh Abedi
Translation Unit Manager
Mr Hamid Pourbagheri
Mr Hamid Pourbagheri
Executive director

Holding MSCE and CIW certification

I have started my professional career in network in 2007 and working as a web designer 2years after, in 2009.  Cooperation in web and laboratory domain with Ministry of Culture and Islamic Guidance and The Islamic Republic of Iran Police Force is the result of my experience over these years.

Mr Saleh Kermani
Mr Saleh Kermani
Content creation manager

Holding a master’s degree from Tehran University

I have started writing articles professionally about different fields and consulting several projects about how to create text and video content to develop their business since 2006.