Web designing

Web designing is one of our services that we offer to our clients. A good design must have several important factors like being enchanting, having high speed page loading, following the essential standards for SEO and using the updated methods of web designing. Till now, NETCOM has designed different sorts of websites like personal and company websites, store and organization sites and educational sites as well.

Web designing

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Design, content creation, SEO and support


Why to choose us?

What validates a company, a person or a brand is their friends or people who are in connection with them and how much satisfaction they have from working together. In NETCOM our main purpose is to give the best high quality services to gratify our dear friends.

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We give you 24-hour support 7days a week and your website will be monitored constantly during the week for all the projects which are in our contract.

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Geographical location

It doesn’t matter where you are. We can give you any kind of services which can be done through the internet.

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Exclusive host

From now on with our special servers we will be hosting our client’s websites up to 99% uptime.

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You need to know how work with your website? A complete pack of training will be given after delivering your project by our professional team.

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Ongoing Projects

Design 89%
Content 59%
SEO 28%
Design 78%
Content 40%
SEO 14%

Professional hosting of NETCOM

Hosting your sites on powerful NETCOM servers